New Site, New Season

‘Nashville’ Season 2 starts this week!  Whose ready to find out what’s going on in this season of ‘Nashville’?  Tune in this Wed. September 25th on ABC and watch Jonathan as ‘Avery Barkley’ to find out!!

‘I wake up everyday and feel brand new…’ JJ’s website is ALSO all new! We’ve completely redesigned the entire site from the ground up. We want this website to be a place that has everything about Jonathan in one easy to find place; acting, music, books, and more. JJ is a deep and passionate artist, and his creative expressions are not limited simply to one outlet. So now it’s all here! Browse around and discover all of the photos, videos, interviews, articles, links and more! Be sure to sign up to get two free songs by Jonathan’s band HERE.

Enjoy the new site! Let JJ know what you think of it by Tweeting or leaving him a comment on FB!